Pinterest: The New Social Tool

“Do You Pinterest?”

It seems to be the question of the hour. Are you part of the new social phenomenon known as Pinterest? With its ability to get Internet thoughts organized through small cork boards and fancy labels, anyone who loves their favorites on their browser taskbar will go gaga over it.

Although it seems like an overnight celebrity, Pinterest is still growing and increasing its user base to become a competitor in the social media world. Currently, Pinterest has roughly 13 million users with a great majority being women in the US. A small group of 200,000 participants are from the UK with a majority of users being male. As with any social media site the age demographic is always the most interesting and informational, Pinterest is no exception. The average age demographics for both the US (left column) and the UK (right column) are below.

Like with any social network, businesses are evaluating the opportunity to use this tool as an advertising and marketing device. For many companies, the concept is out of reach due to the various audience interests and the ability to gain brand advocates through the tool. However, with the appropriate approach brands can slowly improve customer engagement through pinning items from sites and blogs.

If it’s not added to your digital content marketing plan for 2012, it should be. Just look at some of the brands that have already succeeded:

–          Real Simple Magazine:

–          General Electric:

–          Whole Foods: